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4 Steps to Finding Your Dream Engagement Ring

Posted on July 30 2019

4 Steps to Finding Your Dream Engagement Ring

Are you starting to notice everyone's ring lately?

Perhaps it's because you're starting to get wedding fever.

That's ok, perfectly normal.

But where do you begin? You've never shopped for a ring before.

Where do you go? Can someone make something custom? How much will that cost?

All valid questions.

We've seen it all here on Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia over the last 3 generations of our family-owned jewelry store.

We thought we'd take the time to put together these 4 simple steps to finding your dream engagement ring.

Step 1 - Set up a Budget

Deciding to commit to the love of your life is a huge step to take. And a ring is the symbolic material of the moment.

3 months salary is the common rule of thumb, but we think you should spend what feels right to you.

In setting up a budget for your engagement ring, give yourself a range and try to stick to it.

Spend only the amount you are comfortable with. Don’t go overboard just because you’re specific about certain types of engagement rings.

Shop smart. Avoid jewelers who are too pushy.

Think about the wedding and the types of wedding bands you may want to accompany the engagement ring eventually. 

Step 2 - Finding the Perfect Stone

This is where it starts to get fun.

Go right to a diamond chart online, or in a store, and decide what type of stone you like.

To simplify things, stick to the 4C's when it comes to picking out diamonds for your engagement ring.

Cut:  It is the most important aspect of every ring because this determines the sparkle. It also lends an illusion to the size of the stone.

Carat: When you talk carat, it’s about the weight of the stone on the ring. This, in every way. If you go for a two carat, it will cost double the price of one carat.

Clarity: This is the level of flawlessness of a precious stone. The more flawless the clarity, the more brilliant the diamond. And also the more expensive. We recommend couples to go smaller on the diamond size, but never go cheap on the clarity. This is the sparkle on your ring. You want it to stand out.

Color: This is about the color which comes in a wide ranging spectrum.

Choose the right diamond clarity

Step 3 - Get Some Inspiration

We know you've already been stalking instagram hashtags.

Start screenshotting your favorite engagement ring photos and reviewing them to see what you like best.

Use these photos as inspiration while you browse in a store.

Or, you can send the pictures to your jeweler and set up an appointment to talk about getting a custom ring designed.

(We set up a whole section of our website to make it easy for our customers to start their custom jewelry designs)

Custom Jewelry Design at Sydney Rosen

Step 4 - Enjoy the Process!

This may seem like a corny adder to this list...

But remember that this whole process is in celebration of your love.

Between the ring shopping, then the wedding planning, can feel hectic at times.

Remember to pause and enjoy the moment.

Work with a jeweler who helps you through the process and will listen to what you want.


In conclusion, these are our 4 steps to finding your dream engagement ring.

Set a Budget

Have a range you're willing to spend. Enough to be able to purchase something worthy of your love's symbolism. Not too much as to make it uncomfortable financially.

Finding the Perfect Stone

Research the 4C's of center stone options, and find the perfect balance of cut, color, clarity and color for your style.

Get Some Inspiration

Don't be afraid to jump on instagram and pinterest and send those photos to your jeweler and significant other. Let everyone know what you like and consider getting a custom engagement ring designed for you.

Enjoy the Process

Remember to have fun, hug your loved one and smile during this whole process. This is the first big step in your love for one another.

Where are you at in your ring shopping process? Are you going to use any of these 4 tips?


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