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How to Ring Shop...Together

Posted on April 28 2022

How to Ring Shop...Together

For most couples, gone are the days of secret ring shopping and shocking your partner with a marriage proposal. Instead, most modern couples are making decisions together about taking the next step in their relationship and what that looks like for them, including what an engagement ring and engagement ring shopping might look like. And we’re all for it!

When couples collaborate to decide on what works best for them, we find their marriages are happier and healthier than ever. So if your partner has been cluing you in on being ready to take the next step, or sending you photos of rings they’re wild about, it might be time to pick up those hints and turn them into a conversation that can benefit you both.

When it comes to ring shopping, we think together is better.

Much like the rest of your life together, collaboration and communication is the best way to make decisions that result in maximum happiness. So when shopping for a ring that they’ll be wearing for decades to come, it’s important that it’s a team effort to find something that fits the budget, style, and availability that works for both of you.

Not everybody chooses to physically shop together in Philadelphia, and that’s great too! Shopping ‘together’ doesn’t necessarily mean trying things on in the store as a team. Instead, a collaborative shopping effort might look more like DMs of rings they love, conversations at dinner about a budget that feels comfortable for both of you, and discussions about timing for a proposal.

Here’s how to ring shop…together:

Whether you’ll be doing the proposing or being proposed to (or, maybe you don’t know yet!), start having conversations at home surrounding the subject. If you don’t already know, try to get a feel for how you both feel about the idea of taking the next step together and make sure you’re on the same page. These conversations can be as straightforward as you’d like! Communicate in a style that suits you best.

Once you’re confident that ring shopping is in your future, decide how involved each of you wants to be and talk through what that looks like for you. Here are a few ways you can ring shop together:


  • Create a shared folder full of ring photos you love
    • Get honest about what you definitely don’t want
  • Talk about budget, budget budget
  • Visit our store in Philadelphia together to try things on and get sized by a professional
    • Take note of this size for future purchases
  • Shop together online from the comfort of your couch
  • Talk about what diamond, stone, or ring qualities are most important to the person who will be wearing it
    • Size, color, cut, clarity, etc.
  • Message our staff of exert gemologists and jewelers via email or DM in order to keep them involved in your purchasing journey and ask questions as needed
  • Chat with our specialists about what custom options we can incorporate into your ring


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