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Unique Engagement Rings

Posted on February 03 2021

Unique Engagement Rings

Unique engagement rings

We all know that nothing can stop love, not even a global pandemic. And the engagement season didn't end! There are still new engagement ring trends on view and when it comes to shopping, designers and couples are innovative as ever.

What is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring indicates that the person who wears it is engaged, in particular in western cultures. When a partner proposes marriage or is approved immediately after a marriage proposal, the potential spouse presents the ring as a commitment gift.

But how can the new ring crop be selected? We are profoundly involved in the top engagement ring trends of 2021. You and your partner just pick up the ring of your dreams – you want to be ready with all the newest engagement ring trends before you comfortably visit your favorite jeweler, or explore the perfect ring with us virtually.

Unique personalized engagement Rings

In a year full of uncertainty, couples control what little details they can about the relationship one of them focuses on personal touches when it comes to rings.

A major difference is that customers have a lot of time and space to discuss their interests. They come with far more personal, smart, and insightful ideas.

I am seeing a huge influx of buyers who want unique engagement rings, particularly in the form of a unique cut or a specific custom setting. People are still looking for new ways of doing things.

We saw all the rings flashing on all social media channels.

Unique engagement ring Trends for 2021

People are continually searching for ways to do things differently. We've seen all the rings flashed on every social media channel. People are looking to add another layer to the traditional wedding band, putting extra love and meaning behind it.

1.   Rings of Band Style

Because of the rapidly shifting engagement world, jewelry designers see clients turn to rings in a two-in-one situation.

A growing number of brides choosing a ring-style band engagement ring instead of a single stone ring.

2.   New Twist with Traditional Style

The essence of virtual ring shopping has contributed to the return of classical models for unique engagement rings. "Since fewer clients come to buy and try different settings. But it's becoming more and more comfortable in classic models, such as the solo or a 3-stone ring.

3.   Old European Cuts Heirloom-Inspired

It is no wonder that buyers recognize the family's values and legacy when they are searching for the right sparkler and choose a unique engagement ring that feels like a heritage.

In a year when families are largely isolated from one another, the desire for loved ones makes couples emotional, and they think of future generations as they start their own families.

Connecting modern love stories with old-fashioned artifacts and new family rituals and legacies is the answer to the unique engagement ring trends we expect in 2021.

4.   Small Stones Rings

Three rings of stone were on the rise already. More and more couples have chosen small side pillars they love completely because they take the classic three-stone ring more delicately.

5.   Unique Emerald Rings

Emeralds are back. An emerald gemstone ring is the most common alternative to a diamond engagement ring. It's a classic and timeless stone with a colorful pop and an elegant look at a low price.

6.   18 Carat Black Gold Engagement Ring

Another trend we see is the 18-carat black gold engagement ring, which we expect will get even bigger in 2021.

7.   Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

We can see that the bridal sector rapidly becomes prominent across all jewelry divisions. 'Women decide to set their rings in yellow gold over the once classic and famous Platinum or White Gold — one of their most precious possessions.

We can say; Yellow gold is "a color that will complement their everyday jewelry style and personal collections."

Metal and Alternative gemstones

Lovers make this unique gem rare by choosing gemstones as alternatives to diamonds and selecting unpredictable metals.

Colorful gemstones in both classic round and oval shapes and modern geometric shapes are appealing to many people right now for their alternative designs.  It's great to have something you wear now.

Sydney Rosen Company has been a fabric of Philadelphia's historic Jeweler's Row for nearly a century. We are also available nationwide via our online showroom and custom jewelry gemologists. If you are looking for engagement rings, wedding bands or luxury jewelry please visit us at!


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