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Sell/Consign My Diamond

Sell/Consign My Diamond
Diamond Buying & Consignment Sales:

Sell Your Diamond Outright:

Diamonds are among the few personal assets that can easily be turned into cash.  Sydney Rosen is one of the largest and most respected diamond buyers in the Philadelphia area.  Generally, we look for diamonds that meet our inventory needs and the needs of our many whole sale accounts.  Round diamonds are the most in demand, but all shapes, sizes and qualities may be considered.  If an agreement is made, we will write you a check on the spot.  If you’d like us to purchase your diamond outright, we recommend that you contact us first. 


You may also leave your diamond with us to sell on your behalf.  Diamonds left on consignment are offered in our showroom for resale to our customers, who typically pay a competitive market price rather than a liquidation price typically offered by jewelers.  Though consignment sales may take longer, they allow us to secure the best possible price for you.  The more desirable your diamond is, the faster it will sell.  

When you leave your diamond with us on consignment, we examine it right in front you and you receive a detailed receipt for your diamond for easy identification.  We’ll agree right up front on the amount you’ll receive upon the sale of your diamond.

To learn more about our services, call the store at 215-922-3500 or email