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Best Places to Propose in Philadelphia

Posted on August 30 2021

Best Places to Propose in Philadelphia

Philadelphia may be best known as the “city of brotherly love” but don’t count out the non-familial or platonic kind of love here just yet. Despite its focus on all things educational and historical, this Pennsylvania city definitely deserves a more romantic reputation.

Filled with intimate, classy restaurants, lush, gorgeous gardens, and truly breathtaking views, there are few cities more perfect for two people in love – especially if one’s planning to get down on one knee soon! The only problem here is where to go among so many great options. Luckily, we can help out with that.

After you've acquired your diamond and engagement ring (and of course your loved one!), it's time to plan your proposal. Here are a few of the top places to propose in Philadelphia.

The Magic Gardens

Whether you know Philadelphia like the back of your hand, able to track all the secret spots or you’re a complete newbie to the old city streets, you still can’t go wrong proposing in one of the city’s iconic locations. Our favorite among them, though? Hand’s down, the magic gardens.

A South Street staple, this community environmental space is a certifiable wonderland made up by colorful glass bottles, handmade tiles, and all manner of unique recyclables. Equal parts romantic and trippy, even the simplest proposals can instantly become the most memorable.

Belmont Plateau

Knowing where to pop the question can be difficult. After all, you only have one shot to get it right, and where you choose to whip out that ring will forever be the background for all pictures and fond reminiscence. That’s a lot of pressure, especially for folks who are debating whether to choose between a city view or more natural space.

Rest assured, however, because you can have the best of both worlds at Belmont Plateau. Located in Belmont Park, the plateau shows off some of Philly’s most beautiful greenery while also allowing an amazing view of the city’s skyscrapers. Go before evening hits and you can also catch some truly incredible golden sunsets.

Bistro Romano

Any town or large city has hundreds of fantastic proposal spots if you know where to look, but sometimes you just want something a little more traditional and intimate. Count yourself among these ranks? Then you can’t go wrong taking your (hopefully) future spouse to Bistro Romano.

Here, you can enjoy the quintessential romantic restaurant atmosphere. But if you want something even more special, don’t hesitate to book the wine cellar. The underground spot is beyond beautiful and private thanks to a secluded table, warm candlelight, and aesthetic bottles of aging wine. It’s any romance-lovers dream engagement spot, and bonus, the food is also fantastic, allowing you to cap off an ideal proposal evening.

Franklin Square Carousel

They always say that love is in the air when springtime rolls around and the sheer number of proposals done during the season certainly seem to agree. However, asking your sweetheart to tie the knot doesn’t have to be relegated only to the start of the warm months. Winter also works as an extraordinary backdrop for proposals and is thoroughly dreamy in its own right. You just need pair the season with a perfect locale.

The Franklin Square carousel immediately comes to mind. On its own, the spot is adorable, complete with a vintage-styled ride, pretty plants, and fun atmosphere, but it’s even better on a cold winter night. The carousel becomes breathtaking then, covered in fluffy, white snow with warm lights shining through the dark.

Philadelphia is often called the city of Love (we have a park dedicated to it!). Now it's even easier to find the perfect engagement ring for you as well. Visit our online showroom to browse our luxury inventory, or design your own, before coming into our store located on Historic Jewelers' Row.


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