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How One Jeweler Is Practicing Social Distancing

Posted on March 24 2020

How One Jeweler Is Practicing Social Distancing

Many soon-to-be brides and engaged couples are being affected, like most people, by the recent COVID-19 pandemic that is unfolding around the world.  What happens to those 2020 summer wedding reservations? How are you going to shop for an engagement ring or wedding band if everyone is quarantined? While this is a small issue in comparison to the health and safety of our community, many love stories are being put on hold as we wait for this to pass.


Jeweler’s Row is one of the most historic retail spaces in Philadelphia. For over a century, it has served as a destination for engagement rings, diamonds and fashion jewelry. The original cobblestones still bless this narrow street in Center City. But, with the novel coronavirus forcing those businesses to temporarily close their stores, what are soon-to-be couples supposed to do?


That’s where Sydney Rosen, a jeweler in the region since 1947, has stepped in.


“We understand how people are being affected right now,” said Steven Rosen, co-owner of Sydney Rosen, along with his brother and son. “It’s been our great pleasure to be a small part of our customer’s love stories. That’s been true for generations. We’ve revamped our whole online experience to cater to everyone during this time.”


You can schedule a video consultation on their site, right from the comfort of your home. Send them inspirations from social media. Design your own ring via their website. Browse their extensive online inventory.


“It’s the perfect marriage of retail and ecommerce. That’s what we’ve set ourselves up to be. Adapt with the times,” said Jake Rosen. “I’ve spoken to some brides who have had to cancel or suspend their summer wedding plans. As sad as that is, I try to remind them that they are fortunate to have someone they care so much about. Just be there for them. That’s what this is all about. We hope we can be a bridge back to normalcy for many couples.”


If you’re shopping for engagement rings, diamonds, jewelry or just want to speak to someone, you can reach out to Sydney Rosen at While their brick and mortar store is in Philadelphia, they serve nationwide customers as well. Practice social distancing, but not at the expense of your love story.


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