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The Comprehensive Guide to Proposing on a Holiday

Posted on December 02 2019

The Comprehensive Guide to Proposing on a Holiday

We’ve all seen those dreamy snaps on Instagram of glittering diamonds on sandy beaches, captioned with ‘Surprise!’ or ‘I said yes!’. Getting engaged on holiday makes for the ultimate proposal story, and the most beautiful memories.

However, planning a proposal abroad can be a little challenging, and there are a few details that you need to have ironed out before you pack your bag. To make it easier, we’ve created the ultimate guide for proposing on holiday. With our help, all you need to worry about is when to pop the questions.

How to choose the destination:

When you think of a proposal abroad, most people will have images of exotic beaches and palm trees floating through their head. However, this may not be what your partner is dreaming of

Perhaps they love hiking, and their dream proposal would take place on top of a mountain far away. Or maybe they love the snow, and dream of moonlit husky rides through Finland?  Perhaps they don’t even need to go far for their dream location proposal – a cottage in the countryside might provide the idyllic setting that your partner has always pictured. Either way, make sure you’re clued up on your partner’s favorite places so you can pop the question in the right spot.

Packing the ring

Getting the ring through customs can seem like a recipe for disaster; but there are ways to do it. Whatever you do, don’t put it into your checked luggage as it could go missing. Pack a carry on bag and put it in there. If you make sure that there are no toiletries or liquids in your bag, then it may not be checked and you can carry on as normal. However, it’s a good idea to put the ring in it’s box, and then another box, and avoid wrapping it up. Then, if you’re asked to unpack your bag, it won’t catch the attention of your partner. It’s also sensible to attach a small note on the box, saying something like ‘engagement ring inside, please be discreet’ so that whoever is checking it knows to be subtle.

Top Tip: If the ring was particularly expensive or unique, you may want to consider buying insurance for it. Speak to your local jeweler or whoever sold you the ring for more advice on buying the right insurance.

Get a little extra help when proposing on holiday

The best thing about planning a holiday proposal is the hospitality. If you’re staying in a hotel or a rental property, speak to whoever you booked it through about any finishing touches that they can provide. While you are off relaxing with your partner, the staff can prepare a romantic setting for you to return to when you want to pop the question. Or, if you need a little time alone to prepare something special, book her in for a spa treatment and let the staff know what you are planning. Hotel staff are very creative with this sort of thing, so let them know about your plans to propose when you book.

How to capture the memory

A holiday proposal means that you and your partner can get some time alone in private to celebrate your engagement. However, you may want a great photograph to share with your loved ones when you tell them the big news. It can be difficult to prevent your partner from noticing a camera as you lead up to the question, but there are ways around this problem. To capture the memory, excuse yourself for a moment to subtly sneak away and hide a camera or videophone in front of where you plan to propose, and hit record. You can take stills from the video later on and get some live action photographs of the moment that you got engaged! If you want some different angles and close ups, turn to the staff in your hotel again for a little assistance. Chances are if you are proposing nearby to the hotel then they will be happy to act as a photographer for the day.

All in all, a holiday proposal is romantic and personal so enjoy the whole thing! Don’t let pre-proposal nerves stop you from relaxing and enjoying your time away with your partner. For more tips on how to pop the question, or to get a custom design, visit us at and book a free consultation today!


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