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Unique Wedding Plans During The Pandemic

Posted on August 04 2020

Unique Wedding Plans During The Pandemic

There are still ways couples are managing to pull off their weddings during the pandemic we are currently in. If you are planning a wedding during the pandemic, just keep in mind that it isn’t the number of people in attendance that matters - it’s about the vows.

It is possible to have an amazing memorable wedding, as long as you are not risking the spread of coronavirus. Here are some creative ways that you can still plan for a wedding during the pandemic.

Zoom Wedding

Several countries and states within the US are legally allowing couples to tie the knot over the internet. This opens up the opportunity to get creative with a Zoom wedding.

One benefit of a Zoom wedding is that it allows you to host as many guests that can get connected to the online meeting. This is in contrast to in-person venues that must have capacity limits because of social distancing. The online platform also allows people who are far away who would not have made it to an in-person venue to take part in the ceremony.

Rooftop Ceremony

Having a rooftop ceremony is an absolutely beautiful setting that you will remember forever. It will make for some stunning pictures, so make sure to get a talented photographer to make the ceremony memorable.

Backyard Ceremony

A backyard ceremony is a really cute way to celebrate your new marriage. You can invite some close family and friends, following social distancing rules, of course, to watch in on the ceremony.

Getting Married on the Streets

While this can be slightly more complex than some of the other ideas, one New York City couple managed to pull off a street ceremony successfully. Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheele sadly had to face the reality that the marriage bureau was closing. While the news was hard to swallow at first, they got to planning around that obstacle.

The couple got in touch with a friend named Matt Wilson, who the city clerk ordained. Wilson officiated the ceremony from the fourth floor of his apartment building as the couple stood down on the sidewalk. Onlookers applauded when the couple made it official by saying “I do” and sealing it with a kiss.

Personalized Masks

Wearing masks is the new reality that we all have to live with to limit the spread of coronavirus. Instead of just wearing plain old masks that aren’t ideal to wear in the first place, why not capitalize on the opportunity to give your wedding a personalized touch?

Picking an Engagement Ring

Couples are now turning to online shopping to get the ideal engagement ring picked out. Shopping for an engagement ring online is a relaxing take on the process. There is no stress or time limit for you to browse the beautiful options available to you.

Once you have landed on the perfect engagement ring, you can plan a private consultation. Since it is private, you will be able to maintain social distancing orders and stay away from others during the consultation.

Visit and fill out a custom engagement ring form, schedule a call with a gemologist or browse their massive inventory!


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