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What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

Posted on November 15 2020

What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

Wedding rings are a long-standing tradition tied to the institution of marriage. Have you ever wondered what exactly does a wedding ring symbolize? Above all, a wedding ring symbolizes a commitment to your partner, and this is something that you should take great pride in and wear on your hand. Wedding rings come with their own unique traditional significance, dating far back to the Romans.

A Commitment to Your Partner

When people see a wedding ring on someone’s finger, they know what it means. That person has chosen to be committed to their partner. Wedding rings are the best way to show your unwavering commitment to a long-lasting love life with your partner.  

This is the most common attribute that is tied to a wedding ring. So naturally, when you ask a lot of people what does a wedding ring symbolize, the answer will be commitment. In traditional vows, it is not uncommon to hear something along the lines of “this ring is a symbol of my commitment”.

Since there are wedding rings for each partner, each ring will symbolize your commitment to your partner, and vice versa. Those who regularly wear a wedding ring symbolize faithfulness to their partner. When you have that ring on, everyone who would potentially approach you in that way will know you are already faithfully married.

Dignity and Pride

Wearing a wedding ring shows a level of pride to be in your relationship with your partner. It is normal to feel proud of your relationship when showing your ring to those who ask to see it. The ring is a symbol of everlasting love, and people are proud to be wearing that symbol. This is especially true for women. It is normal for women to show all of their bridesmaids their new ring after the ceremony has finished.

Traditional Significance of Wedding Rings

Along with symbolizing a level of commitment and pride, wedding rings also represent long celebrated traditional significance.

The “Vein of Love”

Typically, people place wedding rings on their left ring finger, which has been a tradition since the Romans. A vein in that finger connects the left ring finger to the heart. We know this vein as the “vena amoris”, or the “vein of love”.

In the United States and other countries around the world, this long-standing tradition is still what marriage partners follow. However, interestingly enough, this is not the case in all places of  the world. Certain countries have a tradition of placing the ring on the right hand, such as Denmark, India, Norway, Poland, and others.

Why a Circle?

The circle is a representation of love that has no beginning or end. Giving your partner a wedding ring symbolizes a love that is endless and has always existed. Even tracing back to Egyptian hieroglyphics, the ring represents an undeniably firm commitment to love that is timeless. Additionally, the open hole in the center of a wedding ring symbolizes a path to the future.

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